We are a highly trained and qualified team.

What is the difference of our services?

The quality of our service exceeds the standards offered in the market. We pay special attention to your needs . We always try to satisfy our clients desires.


We are recognized by our:

  • Confidence

  • Competition

  • Communication


  • Availability

  • Accessibility

  • Courtesy

  • Agility



We maximize your budget looking for the best quality and value for your money .

Value for Money

Understand Your Needs  

We Put Ourselves in Your Shoes!  

We listen in detail , seeking to understand and respond to your changing needs and expectations.

Effective Communication

We keep you informed at all times through constant communication, using simple and easy terms. We use technology to improve communication channels.


Our commitment is to offer a service that exceeds your expectations.

Quality and Style

We ensure the quality of all the services offered and good taste at the implementation.

Our Services

To listen and understand our customers is our main commitment in order to provide personalized, professional and high quality service.


We pay special attention to details, conceptualize and plan each events in a creative and unique way.  To ensure unparalleled satisfaction, we take in consideration the demands, tastes and budget of our clients.

Parcial Planning



If you are looking for a service that offers excellent ideas, who treats you with courtesy and agility and carry out an incredibly accurate planning, leaving no loose parts, at reasonable and affordable price, a service that goes beyond your expectations, you have to hire So Eventful by Jessica. Contact us today.

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